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Graphic Designer/ Artist based in Amsterdam

Co-founder of OUTLINE
Part of 019
Sidekick at fanfare

(website currently under construction)
Please see @tjobokho for impressions
Or e-mail me for a full portfolio: tjobokho(@)


Vensterbank Centraal, curated by Caz Egelie
w/ Pieter Chanterie, Sandra Heemskerk, Roos Nieboer & Roy Vastenbrug
14.03.19 - 26.04.19

De Tank Brugge
We Are What We Are N°0 The Poster Show



Hidden Language with Mirthe de Leeuw at White Suit Projections, Nijmegen (NL)

One Act Play, The Loveliest of Graduates at Academie Gallerie, Utrecht (NL)

Posterbox show at The Grey Space In The Middle, The Hague (NL)

I Am Sure You Know What I'm Talking About, Graduation Show, University of The Arts Utrecht (NL)


Groupshow ‘fear’, Museum Dr. Guislain Ghent (BE)

Flagshow Typojanchi, Seoul/Ghent in collaboration with Valentijn Goethals (BE/KR)